Jarrett 3 Speed Boat Trailer Winch 10:1 / 5:1 / 1:1 with Cover - 7.5m Webbing & Snap Hook - Winch rated at 800kg capacity.


Note: This winch is not to be used for lifting.


This winch is recommended for any boat size over 6 metres. 3 in 1 ratio winch, 1:1 for fast retrieval of slack cable, 5:1 ratio which should retrieve the boat approx. two thirds up the trailer, when handle effort becomes uncomfortable, then use 10:1 ratio to complete the retrieval of the boat.

Winches are not intended (1) for the movement of people and (2) as a load securing device for boats on trailers.

Heavy duty 4mm winch body
Steel bushes Machined gears
Electroplated zinc cobalt handle
Powder coated finish
Detachable handle - Handle position interchangeable to change gear ratio

1000 KG 10:1/5:1/1:1 7.5M CABLE WITH SNAP HOOK

SKU: F10952WC